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$11.4 Million Awarded in Nurse Malpractice Case

After a three-week trial, a jury ruled that nurse malpractice caused Laine Jelinek to suffer damage to his brain during birth. The injury left Laine with cerebral palsy, and he will require constant care over the course of his lifetime.   The lawsuit filed by Laine’s parents in 2006 cited negligence on the part of […]

Wrong Medicine In This Case

The family of a Pennsylvania woman, Sandra Koch,  has been awarded  1.6 million dollars by a Superior Court jury because she was given the wrong heart medicine. According to the lawsuit, she had been admitted to Christiana Hospital on July 23, 2003 to be treated for atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart beat.  During her stay […]

Two Million Dollar Malpractice Verdict

In Rhode Island, a Warwick man has received a $2 million verdict from a Superior Court jury. Richard Barrett brought suit against Rhode Island Hospital and Dr. William Feng claiming that he did not receive proper care during his open heart surgery in 1998. Richard Barrett said in his lawsuit against the hospital and Dr. […]

22 Million in Birth Malpractice

Heather Grow’s daughter, Cassie, was delivered by caesarian section but only after she had been stuck in the birth canal for over thirteen hours.  In 1997 Heather was told that she had a narrow pelvic arch and that became an issue about two weeks before delivery when her doctors realized that the baby was about […]

$2.5 Million Illinois Erb’s Palsy Verdict

In Illinois a two million plus dollar award was given to a four year old by a Lake County jury.   His permanent disability was caused when the doctor pulled too hard on the baby’s neck during delivery.  As a result the boy suffered severe nerve damage.    He has had two surgeries so far and several physical […]

New Jersey Cerebral Palsy Verdict

No question.  This is a large verdict and it is no wonder that the the defense has said publicly that they will seek a new trial. That is standard.  Take a look at the facts laid out in this quote.  This (in my opinion) is a pretty typical medical malpractice case involving a delay in […]

Here’s how a malpractice cap affects a verdict

In a recent medical malpractice verdict in Indiana a jury awarded $3.7 Million to a young person with cerebral palsy.  Indiana state law reduces that amount to $2 Million under a law that caps verdicts. Hmmm.  So what that means is that the insurance company gets to fight tooth and nail to keep from paying […]

Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Verdict in Pennsylvania

Another pretty large verdict.  Often these verdicts make the news because of their size.  Please notice that there is usually an offer to settle for the insurance policy limits or some other number.  In many states if there is an offer to settle and the defendant and the insurance company refuse that offer, then if […]

Here we go again.

One big verdict and you start seeing stories like this.  You have to dig deep into this article to see the reality:  Insurance Companies control trial tactics and settlement negotiations.  The insurance company in this case could have settled this case for $2 million.  That is less than 10% of the verdict.  Instead, they chose […]

Anesthesia Malpractice Case Verdict in Illinois

On Thursday in La Salle County Circuit Court, a jury decided Adam Porter should receive nearly $24 million from a doctor and nurse practitioner in a malpractice case. The 34-year-old Streator man filed a lawsuit in May 2003 against Ephraim W. Batambuze, M.D., John E. Podzamsky, D.O., registered nurse anesthetist Linda Blair of A.T. Associates […]