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Archive for the 'Amazing Families … Amazing Blogs' Category

Very Cool Iphone App for Communication

I found this excellent video today while researching assistive technology for cerebral palsy and brain injury patients    

Cerebral Palsy and an adoption from Iraq

This from CNN.  Capt. Scott Southworth deployed to Iraq and in the process adopted a young boy named Ala’a.  It was a long drawn out process.  You may be able to imagine how difficult it is to adopt a child from Iraq during these times. I recommend that story.  Read it here –>  ‘Web of […]

Another Amazing Story — Video

"Hope I inspire other disabled people to engage in their life term ambitions." This man has used technology to allow him to be a DJ.  His hands have limited dexterity so he types with his nose. It shows how he uses the computer to make the mix. In this video, I explain how I use […]

Disability Resource Guide by Rudy

Head on over to Rudy’s Disability Resource Guide. Here’s what he has to say about his blog  Which has up to date and current content…Something I always appreciate in a blog. This is a web site with links to information on a wide variety of disability issues it is intended both for people with disabilities […]

Video Blog Youtube

I am constantly amazed at what Youtube has done to the Internet and to conversations about different subjects.  It is not just a platform for watching home movies of dogs doing flips, cats caught in bags or a place to place advertisements to run elsewhere in the web. It is also a place where people […]

Another Amazing Family

I have been reading Get Emily Walking for several months now.  Today her entry really struck me.  There are big emotional ups and downs for family’s who have disabled children.  Here’s a quote from today.  Ask any mother with a chronically ill child and they will tell you that during this time you keep your […]

Bird on the Street

I’ve decided to start a new category here and I’ve called it "Amazing Families…Amazing Blogs".  I have found over the years that I have been blogging that I routinely stumble upon blogs written by mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters about their life.  Usually these blogs are highly personal, sometimes raw with emotion and incredibly honest […]